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3 Best Air Purifiers for Odor Elimination (2018 Review)

 Air Purifiers for Odor Elimination

Here you’ll read about 3 Best Air Purifiers which are perfect for Odor Elimination. My top-picked air purifiers will help in eliminating regular odors from your house.

Every product in this list is budget-friendly. You don’t need to break the bank to get one.

I’m sure you’re excited to read about my top-picked air cleaners for odor elimination. But before that, I recommend you to read this little guide for buying Air Purifiers.

Things To Consider When Buying Air Purifiers For Odor Elimination

Consider the below mentioned points prior to purchasing air purifiers for odor elimination.

HEPA Filter: HEPA filters are intended to be extremely productive and serve to catch fine air particles, dust matter, pet dander and it goes down to 0.3 microns in size (A micron is 1/1,000,000 of a meter!). They’re awesome for sensitivity help and other air quality problem doesn’t produce odors.

Carbon filter: For good odor reduction, you’ll have to pick a quality air purifier that has the feature of an activated carbon (likewise called charcoal) filter.

1) InvisiClean Aura Air Purifier

InvisiClean Aura Air Purifier

The first thing to say is that the manufacturer of this device makes a big deal of the four levels of clearing in this model. They said that this implies, it is prepared to do totally sanitizing the air in the room on with its four-advance process, which is an amazing deal.

The InvisiClean Aura Air Purifier has four diverse fan speed settings with one of them being a turbo mode. This is extraordinary at clearing the room in a shorter time frame, so if there is an odor that you wish to evacuate, or you find that your allergies are disturbing you, at that point just switch it onto this mode and see the difference in no time.

Your InvisiClean Aura Air Purifier also offers other features that boost its power and practicality… such as filter change indicator, auto timer shutoff (2, 4, 8 hours), sleep mode (turns off all lights while running), and independent UV light and ionizer controls.

Important Features:
  • Eliminates common allergy triggers including dust mites, pollen, and pet dander
  • Utilizes powerful motor to deliver DOUBLE the air output using up to 82% LESS electricity than other air purifiers in its class, CADR Rating: 170 CFM
  • Easily replaceable true HEPA 99.97% filter and activated carbon pre-filter with optional ionizer and disinfecting UV-C Light.
  • Quiet at low speed and turbo mode for maximum air cleaning
  • Enjoy your clean air and relax knowing that 3 YEAR WARRANTY and LIFETIME SUPPORT has you covered.
  • Four stage cleaning system.
  • Activated carbon filters as well as a HEPA filters.
  • Equipped with an ionizer and UV-C technology.
  • Comes complete with a sleep mode and four fan settings
  • You get a 3 year warranty at purchase.
  • need to change the filters every 6 or 12 months


2) OdorStop OSAP5-5-in-1 Air Purifier

 best Air Purifier for Odor Elimination

OdorStop has made an air purifier that is intended to give homes or business a cutting edge look while giving air quality improvement. If the air access is not limited, this 5-in-1 air purifier can be placed anywhere in a room to start filtering the air. At only 13 inches high, 8 inches in circumference, and weighing only 4 pounds, it is a sensible item that makes it one of the most reliable air purifiers for odor elimination.

The H13 HEPA filter is the essential feature of this unit. It is intended to catch 99.97% of the particles all around. The other four filters give a pre-filter to process approaching air, dynamic carbon filtration, UV, and ionization. The plan of the air purifier is that the air goes at the base of the unit. And if you place it on the floor, the air may be blocked.

Important Features:
  • H13 HEPA PURIFIER with five proven technologies and the HIGHEST CLEAN AIR DELIVERY RATE (CADR) in its class. Pre-Filter, H13 HEPA Filter, Active Carbon Filter, UV and TiO2 Photo catalytic Filter, Ionizer (Anion).
  • The OSAP5’s H13 HEPA filter CAPTURES 99.97% of contaminants to a level of .3 microns and is ideal for eliminating dust mites, bacteria, mold, pollen, cooking odors, smoke, animal dander, and other harmful airborne particles.
  • The OSAP5’s CADR is 160 and its UNIQUE 360 DEGREE AIR INTAKE means it offers the LONGEST FILTER LIFE POSSIBLE.
  • The OSAP5’s FEATURES INCLUDE a 24hr timer, sleep mode, auto mode, ionizer, 5 speed motor, UV, filter life and air quality display.
  • UV and TiO2 Photocatalytic Filter: This UV and filter create a process called photo catalytic oxidation, which destroys volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
  • It is designed to give YEARS OF TROUBLE-FREE SERVICE and has an industry leading 3 FULL REPLACEMENT WARRANTY and a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
  • Measures and displays air quality index
  • 360 degree Air Intake
  • There is a sleep mode equipped to the unit, along with a timer, a sleep mode, and indications of filter life
  • May produce a minimal amount of ozone that could be a trouble to certain owners


3) PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier

 Air Purifiers for Odor Elimination

The device successfully cleans the air in a room of up to 330 square feet. It’s Energy Star rated as it uses less energy. This air purifier use four filtration levels to guarantee the end air is clean and beneficial to relax. It is fitted with HEPA and carbon for powerful scent, smoke and allergen expulsion. This device has LED which shows the air quality in real time.

What’s more? You can also set the fan speeds manually; the programmed self-modification component is used to direct the fan speed contingent upon the contaminant focus. The three fan speeds are determined via air quality, and it consequently changes with the correct speeds.

The sleek, modern design complements any decor and is fully customizable with three speed settings and an automatic timer to conserve energy and extend the life of the 3-in-1 air filter

Important Features:
  • PURIFIES THE AIR: True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, and household odors
  • DESTROYS GERMS & BACTERIA: UV-C light safely destroys micro-organisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi
  • WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION: With a noise level at just 30dB, PureZone silently sanitizes the air for easier breathing and more restful sleep.
  • EASY & EFFICIENT OPERATION: Sets up in seconds for immediate use out of the box and features an optional automatic timer that shuts off the unit after 2, 4, or 8 hours of continuous use to promote energy efficiency
  • WHAT YOU GET: Air purifier, 3-in-1 HEPA filter, user manual, industry-leading 5 Year Warranty, caring customer support 7 days a week, and the peace of mind that comes from a trusted brand with millions of customers worldwide.
  • True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores
  • UV-C light safely destroys micro-organisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
  • Need to change the filters every 6 or 12 months



In this article, I’ve provide the aqua facts about 3 best air purifiers for odor elimination. These are one of the best air purifiers for odor elimination on the market and you can choose any of them according to your preference. The best part is that all of these air purifiers are budget friendly. Anyways, if you have any problem in choosing the best purifier, just drop a comment and I’ll response as soon as I can.


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